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What Is Investing - Types of Investments - How to Invest

What Is Investing In simple words   the goal of taking benefit / return or income that you expect in   future by putting liquidity in any resources   is called investing, a useful example for investing is to buying assets like real estate which increases in values over time. Types of Investments There are some classes in wghich most of people invest their money.     1.       Stocks  – People buy stocks which pay dividends and companies sell stock for its growth. 2.       Bonds  – if you invest in bonds that are actually loaning money for   specific period of time, the issuer such as (governments, municipalities and companies) will pay you return at fixed rate. 3.       Mutual Funds  - Funds are instruments controlled or managed   by      high level investment managers who invest liquidity of investors in    bonds , stocks, commodities ,private equity to diversify risk and make        return. 4.       Real Estate – Real Estate also known as one of the lowest risk inv